Unobstructed Podcast Episode 3

Colin Finkle and Edward Cervantes talk about how personal branding and reputation management is an essential part of having a career in the internet age.

Colin Finkle is the founder of BMB Brand Marketing Blog and is an expert in branding, but more corporate brands than personal brands. Colin and Edward discuss Gary Vaynerchuk’s definition that a personal brand is akin to your reputation. They talk about the personal brands of The Rock and Kylie Jenner. They talk about the risks of putting out personal content, and reference the incidents of Logan Paul and James Charles. They talk about the transformation of the personal brand of Colin Kaepernick. We use the conflict that Kaepernick and the NFL got into as jumping-off point to talk about the alignment of the personal brands and their employer’s brand. Colin and Eddie talk about Rand Fishkin and how his personal brand grew with the Moz brand. We talk about how the Apple brand is inseparable from the personal brand of Steve Jobs, and how the Amazon brand is infused with Jeff Bezos’ personal brand. Lastly, they touch on how employers should not be worried about investing in their employees’ personal brands because it will ultimately reflect well on their corporate brand. ankara escort

Watch the episode here: