Unobstructed Podcast Episode 4

Colin Finkle and Edward Cervantes talk about learning algorithms, neural nets, machine learning and artificial intelligence are guiding a large part of our society, and how almost no one understands them or their effects.

Colin and Edward joke about how we might be talking about the end of the world or the extinction of humanity. Colin explains that learning algorithms are simply programs that sort data with feedback from an objective. We are interacting with learning algorithms or machine learning all the time and don’t realize it, from voice assistants to social media. Facebook uses AI to develop an algorithm to sort the content in our news feed based on how likely we are to stay on the platform. This has lead to an increase in polarization because content that makes people comment and share, i.e. content that makes us emotional, is shown to us first. Supporters of Open AI, like Elon Musk, think that AI in the hands of a small number of people would be bad for the world. A nation that has access to AI ahead of the rest of the world may come to dominate the world. On a happy note, AI has been able to identify cancer in lungs that no technician has ever picked up on.

Explicit Language Warning!

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