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Business and Culture

Colin Finkle and Edward Cervantes discuss topics at the intersection of business and culture. Marketing, branding, influencers, and franchises.

Breaking the division between business and culture.

It is getting harder to define what is business and what is culture, so why do we frame our conversations as one or the other?

Like no other time in history, brands and businesses are entrenched in how we communicate, self-identify, and organize as a people.

Colin Finkle, a brand expert, and Edward Cervantes, a strategic project manager, do not let labels guide their conversations. They explore when a business becomes a cultural phenomenon, and a change in the culture spawns a whole new industry. Buckle in.

Colin Finkle

Colin Finkle

Co-Host, Brand Expert

Edward Cervantes

Edward Cervantes

Co-Host, PMP

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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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